3GVision Key Facts

  • Established in 2000.
  • 3GVision is recognized as the pioneer and market leader in the field of mobile barcode reading and advanced image processing technologies.
  • 3GVision’s i-nigma offers today the most comprehensive 1D/2D mobile barcode solution incorporating a code-creation, campaign management and advanced metrics reporting platform.
  • 3GVision’s 1D/2D barcode reader is deployed commercially since 2002: 250+ million phones embedded with readers for global tier-1 mobile operators and mobile handset manufactures worldwide. Barcode reader has also been chosen by leading publishers, brands, advertisers and other businesses.
  • Approximately 80% market share in Japan.

About 3GVision

3GVision is the global pioneer and leader in mobile barcode reading and advanced image processing technologies, to fast track consumers and business to the mobile internet. The solution links the physical world with the mobile web, helping media, advertising and marketing companies reach millions of consumers with effective campaigns and better ad performance. Mobile operators benefit from Data ARPU generated from their subscriber base, the interactive capability of their medium and new data service models.

3GVision's i-nigma is the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end 1D/2D mobile barcode solution incorporating a highly intuitive and simple barcode-creation and powerful advertising and marketing campaign management platform. The solution offers advanced monitoring and reporting tools to improve campaign performance, from planning through to execution and monitoring the success of a mobile barcode campaign.

Since 2002, 3GVision has embedded over 250 million phones with its 1D/2D barcode reader solutons for global tier-1 mobile operators like Telstra, France Telecom and NTT Docomo; mobile handset manufacturers including Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola; and most Japanese vendors including Sharp, NEC, Kyocera and Toshiba. Moreover, 3GVision is the de facto' industry standard in Japan - the world's first fully developed mobile barcode market. Please contact us for more information.

The Fast Track to Mobile Internet

3GVision's innovative barcode reader application makes it easier and faster for consumers to access multimedia and mobile internet content.

The solution offers a quick and simple way for mobile subscribers to access a predefined URL on the mobile web or to trigger web services, eliminating the need to enter long mobile web addresses or response details. A user having a mobile camera phone equipped with the correct reader software can scan the image of the 2D barcode causing the phone browser to launch and direct to mobile websites and promotional offers like discounts, coupons, downloads of pictures, ring tones, video and other content on the mobile internet, Barcodes are displayed on various forms of media such as printed media, billboards, digital screens, books and product packaging.

Effective Mobile Advertising and Mobile Marketing

Consumers, once wary of using their mobile phones, for anything more than talking, are now very eager for innovative mobile applications. As a result, demand for mobile web content and mobile applications is soaring, providing tantalizing opportunities for mobile operators, advertisers, brands, marketers and publishers to generate revenue from mobile advertising, mobile marketing and print-to-web integration.

Driven by this growth and the decline of global advertising in traditional TV and print media, 3GVision's market leading i-nigma solution delivers a genuine win-win situation that benefits all involved parties in the mobile marketing ecosystem. Businesses looking to tap into the mobile internet market and build campaigns to drive advertising and marketing results use i-nigma's advanced reporting and management tools to quickly and easily create, manage and track multiple campaigns, across multiple mediums in real time.


With the increased popularity of mobile phones and the rapid growth of the mobile internet advertisers and marketers have an exciting opportunity to take advantage of mobile barcode solutions. 3GVision realized this need and has created an end-to-end campaign measurement solution. The solution offers the advertising community an effective business model that uses accurate measurements and valuable marketing data that can help run effective campaigns, allowing for more targeted and personal marketing.

Privacy in our society is an important principal for 3GVision and as such, we have a standing commitment to the protection of privacy. Our privacy policy states that 3GV's products are fully respectful of the audience's privacy and hence the data we collect is anonymous and will only be reported in the aggregate. We prohibit the use of data or any other personally identifying information without prior consumer consent.

Please contact us for more information.

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