i-nigma End-to-end 1D/2D Mobile Barcode Solution

Key Benefits

  • Powerful mobile advertising campaign management capabilities to drive more relevant campaigns, deeper audience engagement and better ROI and Return on Marketing Objectives.
  • Real-time reporting and detailed insights on mobile barcode campaign performance metrics, providing better understanding of customers response to multiple campaigns.
  • Fast and reliable web service for creating and web-linking Data Matrix and QR barcodes to information and promotional offers.
  • Support for more than 300 GSM mobile phones, across all leading mobile operating systems and platforms.

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Follow the process:

Before the campaign is started - Advertiser / Mobile operator

Create a barcode campaign in the server
Print the barcode in the magazine
Campaign management summary screen

During the campaign - End user process

The user scans a barcode from a magazine using i-nigma
i-nigma client encodes the barcode and forwards the details to the server
A browser is opened in the mobile phone with the URL and the hit is recorded in the database

During and after the campaign

Operators specific services (e.g.: location and user profile information) are added to the server and database
Reports are generated

3GVision's i-nigma is the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end 1D/2D mobile barcode solution enabling mobile phone users to fast track to the mobile internet while increasing ROI for media and marketing companies.

i-nigma's innovative barcode reader application enables mobile users to access a predefined URL on the mobile web, or to trigger web services by scanning Data Matrix and QR barcodes displayed on various forms of media such as printed media, billboards, digital screens etc. Once scanned, barcodes direct phones to information and promotional offers hosted on the mobile web eliminating the need to enter long mobile web addresses or response details.

The i-nigma's highly intuitive and simple 2D barcode-creation, campaign management and advanced monitoring and reporting tools improve advertising campaign performance, from planning through to execution and monitoring the success of a mobile campaign. This drives more relevant campaigns, providing deeper audience engagement and better ROI and Return on Marketing Objectives.

Simple barcode creation allows advertisers and brand owners to start running ads immediately while advanced targeting options and real-time success metrics on barcode usage provide valuable insight on campaign progress. These tools and valuable reports allow marketers to fine-tune campaigns at any time during their lifecycles in order to maximize performance.

The i-nigma solution can be hosted either by 3GVision or by mobile service providers, who can generate significant revenues by offering unique advertising campaigns to publishers and advertising agencies. The solution is available in the form of preloaded clients, downloaded clients or both, branded or customized client applications, branded or customized server.

  • Supports more than 600 mobile phones, across all leading mobile operating systems and platforms: Android, iPhone, java, Symbian, S60/UIQ, Windows Mobile, Brew.
  • High performance reader that automatically recognizes and decodes numerous international 1D and 2D barcodes.

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